How to Link a PAN Card to a Bank Account

Link a PAN Card to a Bank Account

Government is taking many decisions to reduce curroption in the country. One of which is Aadhar Card Linking. Aadhar card has been made mandatory for almost all government and non-governmental works. Many posts related to Aadhaar card have been published. But, what to do is a very big topic in itself. That is why the necessary cards related to the Aadhaar card are published from time to time.  5 Reasons Why PAN Card is Important in India

As such it is mandatory to link the Aadhar card in the bank account, the PAN card is also mandatory. According to the order of the Government of India, all bank accounts have been asked to link the PAN card through KYC so that the account holder’s transaction information can be transparent. This also reduces corruption. Pan card has many uses that are described below.

 Link a PAN Card to a Bank Account

Why Link PAN Card With Bank Account

  • PAN Card is required for Transaction of more than 50,000 or more.
  • Investment such as Mutual Fund, Fixed Deposit, Life Insurance, Post Office Deposit, Pan Card is also mandatory for all of these.
  • This is also necessary for the Income Tax Return File.
  • Those earning should fill ITR. Loan can not be found without ITR.
  • If you want loans in the future, then do the ITR file.

How To Link PAN Card to Bank Account

There are two ways to link the PAN card to the bank account, the first of which will be to contact the bank branch, the second can be linked to the base card in the bank account through online net banking. For this, the net banking must be active in the account.  link a pan card to a bank account

Offline Link PAN Card with Bank Account

To link the PAN card to any bank account

  • Bank book passbook and PAN card must go to the bank branch with photostate, passport size photo and original PAN card.
  • Take the PAN card linking form from the bank, complete all information correctly.
  • Submit a PAN Card with a Photostate form to the bank employee.
  • In 24 hours, there will be a PAN card link in the bank account.

Online Link PAN Card with Bank Account

  • Net banking login ID and password must be.
  • Login with Net Banking ID, Password in the respective bank account.
  • In the Personal or Other Services tab, the PAN registration option will appear. Click Submit and submit PAN number.
  • Link to PAN number Account in 24 hours.   What is PAN Card ? Why is PAN Card Important ?